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                            2016 年 12 月 第六期 双月出版

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 VIEWPOINT  FIGURES  STORIES                                                    SPECIAL REPORT

 引子 / INTRODUCTION  14  iCOP: 引领建筑行业互联网创新  人物 / FIGURES       四方 / TRAVELLINGS

 01  信息革命:看得见的未来  iCOP: Leading the Internet Innovation in Construction   28  G20 背后的儒将张晓勇  58  灵魂之都莫斯科
 Information Revolution: A Foreseeable   Zhang Xiaoyong, A Confucian-Style Leader Behind G20  Moscow, The Soul Capital
 Future  16  云筑未来  32  周子璐:60% 的技术人生                          61   铁血红安
 Prospect Of
               Zhou Zilu: A Life Path Of Which 60                   Hongan Of Blood And Iron
 微讯 / MICROINFO  18  云计算加快信息化转型  Percentage Is Filled Up By Technologies  62
 大数据推动跨界工作协同  城事 / STORIES                                         食在南疆
 04  图说 ILLUSTRATION                                               Eating In Southern Xinjiang
 Expedite The Informatization Transformation With
 Cloud Computing And Advance The Crossover   36  用矿博园告诉世界:黄石在这里
 05  据说 NUMBERS  Synergy With Big Data  With The Mineral Expo Park, Let The World   身边 / AROUND

               Know: Huangshi Is Here
 06  资讯 NEWS  20 “一单四用”  促进业务财务一体化                            64    感动顾客的魔法
         41    非洲大地上盛开的花朵
 Promote The Operational And Financial Integration                  Magic By Which The Customers Are Touched
 With Module Of “Four Purposes  Under One   Flowers Blossomed Over The Land Of Africa
 视点 / VIEWPOINT  Document”                                    65   古诗词中的竞博体育复兴
         45    公开课 OPEN COURSES
 信息化:看得见的未来   22  工地长出“智慧大脑”  一切都是为了友谊                              Revival Of Chinese Architecture Found In The
                                                                    Classical Chinese Poetry
 INFORMATIZATION: A FORESEEABLE FUTURE  “Intelligence” Emerged At The Construction Sites  It Is All About The Friendship
                                                              记忆 / MEMORIES
 08  以信息化培育新动能                                                70 “大三线建设”中的我们
 Foster Fresh Momentum Through The   24  46  梦境国度的旖旎绽放              Us In The “Third Front Movement”
 Informatization  大家 AUTHORITY  Graceful Blossom Of A Fairyland
 12  推进建筑业信息化  Innovation In Management Model In The Era Of Big Data  范例 / MODELS  品析 / OBSERVATIONS
 为转型升级提供强力支撑                                                  73    集众人之智 成管理之窗
 Promote Informatization Of The Construction   26  老孟 BY LAO MENG  56  一身“绝技”的多吊机廻转平台
 Sector And Provide Powerful Supports For The   信息资本  Multiple-crane Slewing Platform Equipped With   Gather The Wisdom Of All To Realize The Window
 Transformation And Upgrading  Information Capital  Full Of Unique Skills  To Management
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