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案例:西藏军区营房节能改造示范工程  节材设计                                       Material-saving Design
 青藏高原环境恶劣,建筑材料、化石能源匮乏,生产、运输、工程施工极为艰难。竞博体育西南院在西藏军区营房节能              We have optimized our design program, adopted a high
 改造中,首次大面积利用地下水源热泵系统,采用太阳能采暖系统,使营房室内温度达到16摄氏度。官兵对本次工程的满意       performance structure system with low material consumption
            的结构体系,应用和推广绿色建材,持续推进住宅的工业                          and good durability, and spread green building materials in order
 率99.7%。该工程为今后西藏地区的建筑物采暖与节能提供了示范,荣获全国工程勘察设计行业一等奖。                                                                    About Us
            化,最大限度地节约用材。                                       to continuously push forward the industrialization of housing and
                                                               maximize material conservation.
 Case Study: Energy-saving Demonstration Project — Rebuilding                                                       可持续经营
 the Barracks in Tibetan Military Command
 Owing to the harsh environment and a lack of raw building   节地设计  Land-saving Design
 materials and fossil fuels in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, a number of
 difficulties related to the production, transportation and construction   公司围绕项目的规划和功用,开展节地研究。充分利  The Company conducts land conservation studies based on
 existed.  For  this  reason,  the  China  Construction  Southwest   the planning and functions of its projects, making the most of old    Sustainable Operation
 Architectural adopted heat pump systems for the first time to   用旧建筑和废弃场地,提高土地的使用率;减少建筑物的  buildings and abandoned sites to improve its utilization rate of land,
 transform the barracks, and used a solar radiation heating system   占地面积,合理开发建筑物地下空间。  reducing the area occupied by the building and rationally developing
 to ensure a  room temperature in the barracks of up to 16℃. 99.7%   an underground space of the building.
 of soldiers were satisfied with the project. In the Tibetan regions, the                                           全产业链创新
 project is used as an energy-saving demonstration project for building
 heating, and it received the National First Prize for Surveying and
 Design of Project.
 节水设计  Water-saving Design  Green Procurement

 Taking advantage of the on-site climate and hydrology, China                                                        Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain
 Construction has deployed a grey water recycling system, a rainwater
 回收系统、雨水收集系统、透水混凝土路面技术,高效收  collecting system, and pervious concrete pavement technology to
 集利用雨水、废水,保护地下水资源;推广节水器具,使  efficiently use rainwater and wastewater and to protect underground   竞博体育综合考虑环境保护和经济效益,将物资环  Taking into account environmental protection and economic
 water resources. We have also promoted water-saving appliances,   efficiency, China Construction has incorporated environmental
 用高效灌溉技术,安装独立水表控制计量各单元用水,有  保要求写入采购合同中,优先选择带有环保标志的产品;          requirements for materials into its procurement contracts, giving   质
 efficient irrigation techniques, and the installation of separate water                                              量
 效地节约用水。  gauge for the measurement of each unit and to effectively save water.  组织开展供应商环保评级,将供应商通过环境管理体系作  priority to the products with environmental markings. The Company
            为重要标准,制定供应商环保合格名录;加强物资运输管                          has also conducts an environmental evaluation of its suppliers,    Quality
                                                               and views environmental management system certifications as an
 节水技术/设备                                                       important standard. China Construction has also developing a List of   安
 Water-saving Technology/Equipment  年,绿色采购比率100%。              Qualified Suppliers in Environmental Protection and has strengthened     全
                公司以提升产业环境管理水平为己任,建立环保技术                        its transportation management to minimize any adverse impact on    Safety
                                                               environment. In 2011, 100% of our procurement was green products.
 节水型水嘴  低水量冲洗便器  共享平台,与供应商分享绿色环保技术;组织供应商开展
 Water-saving Faucet  Water-saving Flush Toilet                    The Company believes it is its duty to improve the environmental
            环保培训,督促供应商建立健全环境管理体系,通过认证                          management in the industry, and has established a platform to   环
 手动或自动启闭,控制出水口水流量,节约用水  采用3L/6L双档节水坐便器,提高用水效率                  share green technology with suppliers. The Company also carries     境
 To control the water ?ow by manually or automatically opening and closing   To use 3L/6L double-range water-saving toilets to increase water e?ciency  审核,与供应商共同打造绿色供应链。  out environmental trainings for suppliers, urging them to establish
 faucets to save water                                                                                               Environment
                                                               an environmental management system and get environmental
                                                               certifications in order to build a green supply chain together.

 高效灌溉技术  透水混凝土路面技术  案例:充分利用尾矿资源,合力打造绿色供应链                          Case Study: Making full Use of Tailings Resources and Jointly   员
 High-e?cient Irrigation Technique  Pervious Concrete Pavement Technology  竞博jbo商砼开展尾矿资源利用技术研究和示范应用  Creating a Green Supply Chain    工
 采用喷灌、微灌和滴灌的方式,最大限度节约用水  透水混凝土路面使雨水流入地下,保护地下水资源  研究,并与武钢矿业签订综合利用尾矿资源战略合作开  CSCEC Concrete Co., Ltd. has conducted research on tailings    Staff
 To adopt mini spraying cans and dripping irrigation technique to maximize   To build a road with previously used concrete, allowing rainwater to percolate   resource utilization technology and demonstrated applications.
 water conservation  underground, to conserve the underground water resources  发协议,合作投建尾矿资源综合利用示范项目。预计在  It signed a strategic cooperation agreement on comprehensive   社
            “十二五”期间,竞博jbo商砼消化利用武钢矿业尾矿资源将                          utilization of tailings resources with Wuhan Iron and Steel Mining to     会
            累计达到2,000万吨。这将降低竞博jbo商砼生产成本,减少                        jointly invest in and build a demonstration project. It is predicted that    Society
 中水回用技术  雨水收集系统  砂石资源的消耗,也能减少武钢矿业尾矿资源堆放的土地                     the former will digest about 20 million tons of tailings resources in the
 Grey Water Recycling Technique  Rainwater Collection System   latter period of the 12th Five-year Plan, which will not only decrease
            占用和处理费用,降低环境污染。                                    the production cost of concrete and the consumption of sand and
 集中处理生活用水,用于绿化浇灌、道路冲洗等  收集地面、建筑屋面雨水用于绿化浇灌和道路冲洗
 To process used water in daily life with central treatment facilities and to reuse   To collect rainwater from the ground or the roof of building for green irrigation   gravel resources, but will also reduce the use of land and handling
 it in green irrigation and road-washing  and road-washing.    charges related to piling up tailings resources, as well as reduce
                                                               environmental pollution.

 068  竞博体育股份有限公司 ?China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd                             2011可持续发展报告?Sustainability Report 2011 069
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