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                To construct green buildings, we must change people’s concepts, make breakthroughs in technology, and allow all employees to participate in    About Us
            green development. China Construction pursues an environmental policy of constructing “Green buildings that are based on environmental harmony”,
            and is devoted to advocating green buildings and developing green technology, building green engineering and being a practitioner of green offices.    可持续经营
            The Company strives to promote green development and is exploring a new path for industry development, and championing a low-carbon and
            environmentally friendly industry.

            环境管理                                                                                                     Sustainable Operation
            Environmental Management                               Adhering to the principle of promoting green technology
                                                               and leading industry advancement, China Construction continues
                                                               to  improve  its  environmental  management  system  and  the
                                                               environmental awareness of its employees, continuously innovates
                竞博体育以推进绿色技术引领行业进步为宗旨,持续                        its environmental management model, and enhances its capacity for
            完善环境管理体系,不断提升员工环保意识,创新环境管                          environmental control.
                                                               Deepening the Construction of Systems                 Innovation Throughout the Industry Chain

            深化体系建设                                                 The Company advances the construction of its environmental
                                                               management system, extends environmental management methods,
                公司推进环境管理组织制度建设,推广环境管理方                         optimizes environmental planning, and develops green building to
            法,优化环境策划管理,推行绿色建造,保障环境管理体                          ensure the effective operation of its environmental management   质
                                                               system.  In  2011,  the  Company  invested  200  million Yuan  in     量
                                                               environmental protection and achieved a 100% pass rate for its
            体系认证通过率100%。                                       environmental management system certifications.       Quality

 环 境          制度建设                                    Institution Building             环境管理                           全
 ENVIRONMENT   组织编写节能减排指导                      Headquarters: Safety and Environmental   绿 色 理 念 贯 穿 规 划 设            Safety
                                                                                       Environmental Management
              Institutional Improvement
                                                    Management Committee
               制度、环境交底制度,                                           安全质量环境部            计、施工建造、竣工服                     境 环
               环境绩效检查制度                                           Safety, Quality and Environment   Include green concepts throughout the
               Prepare a guide on energy conservation,                                 full planning and design, construction,    Environment
 065  环境管理     and  systems  for  environmental    所属企业:环境管理部门                         and completion services processes
 Environmental Management
               management staff, environmental
               technology  clarifications,  and   Subsidiary Enterprises: Environmental
                                                    Management Departments
 绿色开发                                                                                                               员
 066  Green Development  environmental performance inspections                                                        工
                                                    项目:环境管理人员                                                        Staff
 067  绿色设计                                     Project: Environmental Management Sta?
 Green Design
 绿色采购                                                                                                               社
 069  Green Procurement                                  环境策划                                                         会
                                                    Environmental Planning
 070  绿色建造                                   制定环境管理目标指标、环境管理方案                                                       Society
 Green Construction
                                            Develop the goals, targets and programs for environmental management
 074  Green Office
 075  荣誉及利益相关方评价                                       Green Building
 Honors and Stakeholders' Comments
                       Adopt suitable green building methods in combination with the features of the project location, and drive the construction of the environmental management system

 064  竞博体育股份有限公司 ?China State Construction Engrg. Corp. Ltd                             2011可持续发展报告?Sustainability Report 2011 065
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